Here is a small sample of projects Scilab Inc. has been involved with:

  • Design and development services for Psychoanalytic Electronic Publishing’s PEP-Web, a full-text archive of psychoanalytic journals and books.  Management of the data conversion process, implementation of  intelligent filters to recognize key elements of content and automated creation of direct and search-based links.    Visionary technical design and overview  of the project.
  • Design and development of a Folio Views based retrieval system for Psychoanalytic publications distributed on CD-ROM and then DVD for Psychoanalytic Electronic Publishing.
  • Consulting  for the Air Transport Association of America in developing standards for technical documentation systems for Aircraft and Engine maintenance.
  • Consulting for GE Aircraft Engines and Snecma for their document retrieval system for engine maintenance documentation
  • Development of control and data capture software for MEDPlus Inc.
  • SGML extraction and automation software for Lockheed Martin
  • Development of Hypertext/Multimedia Information Support systems for GE Expert Systems
  • Training – Classes and Lectures in ATA Digital Standards for Jeppesen and other aerospace companies